ISCM Our Mission

Wheeling University's Institute for the Study of Capitalism and Morality addresses the ways in which the foundations and principles of morality are, can, and should be integrated into free-market capitalism. The Institute represents a natural extension of the University's long-standing commitment to a liberal arts education in accord with, and based upon, traditional Ignatian values. It also serves as an interactive public forum designed to invite civil debate, wherein diverse opinions are encouraged among philosophers, economists, theologians, business professionals, academicians, students, community leaders, and the public at large.

Certain broad concepts upon which a capitalist society is developed include natural law, individualism, personalism, personal responsibility, freedom, morality, civil society, free markets, private property, technology, justice, law, authority, constitutionalism, and pluralism. These fundamental concepts provide a basis for study by various disciplines such as Philosophy, Economics, Political Science, Law, History and Theology. A goal of the Institute is to facilitate an exchange of ideas between the disciplines so as to provide a more complete understanding of Capitalism as a just and moral system.

As an interdisciplinary research center, the Institute promotes the creation and dissemination of significant conceptual, empirical and applied knowledge in the study of the morality of capitalism. We will sponsor and produce leading-edge research to facilitate a philosophical point of view of the morality of capitalism in the public domain. Our goal is to build social and ethical capital  among students, educators, business practitioners and other interested observers at the local, national, and international levels.