Student Research and Scholarship Symposium Poster Printing

Poster Printing Guidelines

Please read through the poster printing guidelinesbelow before submitting your poster.

  1. All Posters must be received by March 25, 2019 at midnight.

  2. Please use the provided 24x36" poster template. If you would like to print a larger size or different design, you are welcome to use an outside provider. We will not print any posters that are outside of this template design or size.

  3. Please proofread your poster before submitting. 
    You will be responsible to pay for a reprint if you catch any errors after your poster has been printed.
  1. Receive permission from your department chair/advisor:
    1. to print your poster and charge to the department or ;
    2. to print your poster and establish an agreement that you will provide payment to be deposited into the department accound that will later be billed*
      *Your department chair/advisor must sign the Poster Printing Request Form. This verifies that they acknowledge your printing request and have established a payment agreement between you and the department. We will not print your poster until we have this signature.

  2. Download and complete the Poster Printing Request Form (New Form as of January 2019).

  3. Create poster adhering with provided template.

  4. Submit file and form to
    Note: We must receive the signed Poster Printing Request Form before we can begin printing.

  5. Pick up poster.
    We will e-mail or call you when your poster is ready and tell you where you can pick it up.

Document size
Your poster must adhere to the template provided and must be 24x36"

Photos and graphics
You must also follow all copyright laws pertaining to data and images. If you are using any images that are not of WU students, you must receive permission to use them. Please use the Model Release Form in order to comply with copyright.

You can submit your poster as a PDF, JPG, or PowerPoint® presentation. If you have any questions, please email

The university has developed templates that can be used to create posters in PowerPoint. They can be found below. It is mandatory that you use these templates, as they ensure consistency and that the university logo is used correctly.

Required Design Templates:
[ Download 24x36" Templates ]

Please do not submit any poster with a full color background. These backgrounds cause the paper to become saturated with ink and result in a poor quality poster. We will not print any posters with full color backgrounds.

All poster printing fees listed are for posters with white backgrounds.
Paper Size:
24"x36" $25.00
Additional Charges Pre-print Fee $25

Monday - Friday: 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
Saturday - Sunday: CLOSED
*Hours subject to change if necessary*

Center for Educational Technologies (CET) - 3rd Floor, Room 307G

Questions about billing? Have questions about or want guidance with design/logo use? Contact us at