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I officially withdrew from Wheeling University on:

 I was academically suspended/dismissed from Wheeling University.

 I was placed on disciplinary suspension or probation from Wheeling University.

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Please list your reason(s) for absence/withdrawal. We want you to be successful at WU and this helps us serve you better.

Have you taken any college classes since leaving WU? If yes, please list which institution(s) and the course(s) you've taken*:

* WU will need official transcripts from each college or university listed in order to determine any transferable credits.

Please note: If you have attended other colleges/universities please fillout the Transfer Clearance Form.

If permission for Readmission is granted do you wish to live on

If request for Readmission is granted you are required to submit a $200.00 non-refundable deposit to the Admissions Department to allow access to register for classes.