Career Center

Welcome to Wheeling University Career Services!

Career Services is part of the Wheeling University Office of Human Resources. We are located in the Student Success Center in Kirby Hall.

The Career Services office is here to help you identify and explore career options to match your skills, interests, and personality, and to implement an effective strategy to attain your desired professional path. Students often visit Career Services with questions about career goals, what major is the best fit for them, and getting hands-on experience in their field. They also stop in to get advice on a multitude of job search-related questions, from formatting a resume and preparing for a job interview to using online resources and seeking out job openings in their fields. I am excited to help you with these questions as well as any others that you may have!

Additionally, Career Services handles the internship process, ensuring you get placed in an environment that will provide solid professional experience in your area of interest while making sure that you will stay on track to successfully earn your internship credit.

Career Services also places emphasis on helping students learn and expand their life skills while still at Wheeling University. These skills can include personal finance, learning about insurance and retirement, effective networking techniques, and professionalism. In today’s dynamic working world, these life skills can often be the difference between “just getting by” and being truly successful in both your professional and personal life.

If you would like to meet one-on-one to discuss any career-related topics, follow the link below to schedule a time:

We also use Handshake, an online resource that securely connects university students with a large network of national and international companies and organizations who have job openings and internship opportunities available now. Click the link below to upload your profile – it’s easy and FREE!

I sincerely hope that you will take advantage of these services while you are a student at Wheeling University. We’ll work with you to help you enhance your educational experience and preparation to move into a fulfilling career after graduation!