Master of Business Administration (MBA)

As one of the most affordable MBA programs in the country, a Master of Business Administration at Wheeling University offers opportunities to gain or enhance the knowledge and skills essential to effective leadership in organizations, from start-ups and small enterprises to large corporations. Founded in 1978 and now based entirely online, it is the most established graduate business program in the Wheeling area.

The program examines, from a general management perspective, the function and interrelationships of the various elements of a typical business organization, including product or service development, human resources and strategic planning, customer service, marketing, finance, accounting, and quality assurance. The ultimate objective of the program is to help students develop the capacity to make and implement successful leadership decisions in an increasingly complex, varied, and fast-changing business environment.

Wheeling University’s MBA program is designed for professionals who want to excel in their current careers, and the online program caters especially to students who wish to complete their master’s degree while continuing to handle work and family responsibilities. 

For more information, contact, or call WU Graduate Admissions at 1-800-873-7665.