Health Center

The Health Center is dedicated to promoting the Wheeling University mission for educational excellence and service to others by providing a holistic model of health care. The Health Center embraces diversity to create an environment that enhances appreciation of the abilities of everyone. The Health Center is a member of the American College Health Association to further strengthen health programming for students. The Health Center believes good physical and emotional health is essential to academic success and allows for learning at the fullest capacity.


Judy Bilyeu, R.N.-B.S.N.

Monday - Friday: 8am - 4:30pm


The Health Center is located in Acker in Room 204.


The services offered aim to enhance self-care knowledge of illness and prevention. The Health Center provides healthcare resources internally and works as a liaison between external health care providers when needed. Services are available to students on a walk-in or appointment basis during office hours. The Health Center offers services of basic triage, minor first aids, availability of some over the counter medications, tuberculosis testing, influenza vaccination, and other low intensity services mostly at no extra charge. Students can come to the Health Center for an initial assessment and, if necessitated, a referral to Family Medicine Center or other local medical resources. Off-campus referrals to other medical providers will be the financial responsibility of the student.